Top 10 Favorite Castles of the UK

“Castle Connoisseur”… that’s what I like to call myself! During my time living in England, I’ve visited over 70 historical locations (so far) and can confidently say I have seen some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world. 

Castles in the UK are grand, majestic, and mostly were used for strategic and military forces during their peak. My favorite castles- the ones that tell a story and have a little mystery- are mostly located in areas where Kings needed to guard their grounds and protect their lands. Although, I do love a castle used to “show off.” 

Read on to discover a few of the ones I’ve enjoyed the most!

Number 10: Bamburgh Castle

Number 9: Hampton Court Palace

Number 8: Eilean Donan Castle

Number 7: Bodiam Castle

Number 6: Windsor Castle

Number 5: Scotney Castle

Number 4: Tintagel Castle

Number 3: Chepstow Castle

Number 2: Edinburgh Castle

Number One: Craigievar Castle

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