A City to visit: Warsaw

Not much is known about Poland to the average American. It doesn’t appear on too many “bucket lists” and it isn’t as glamorous as the sparkly Paris, sun-kissed Mykonos, or mysterious Edinburgh. Until more modern times, it has faced quite a bit of political turmoil, and has only recently began to grow.

Warsaw, Poland’s capital, is a hidden gem worth including on your Europe itinerary. As the “heart of Europe,” the capital of Poland is a perfect place to spend a few days. Here’s why you should include it on your itinerary:

The Food Scene
Warsaw’s restaurant and bar scene is thriving. A variety of cuisines make an appearance here but the favorite has to be the Polish food (as it should be). Think dumplings (pierogis), meat & potato based dishes, and a shot of vodka with everything. Poland is the home to sauerkraut and kielbasa, so they make a strong appearance.

The Historic Old Town
While the Old Town area may be small, it is beautiful. The castle is a great place to visit to see incredibly ornate rooms and learn a bit about the city. The Old Town Square is filled with restaurants and the cutest side-streets.

The Exchange Rate
As someone who is used to London & the UK’s high dining prices, I was pleasantly surprised to see how inexpensive delicious meals were. The exchange rate is very much in the favor of the dollar, so this is a great time to visit.

A Break in the Busy-ness
Warsaw has only begun to build up their tourism in recent years. Because of the years of political unrest, Warsaw does not have many historical buildings remaining for visiting. A visit to Warsaw in the middle of your Europe itinerary is a great few nights to catch up on rest.

My top tip: Do a food tour! This is a great way to learn about the city’s history & try new food!

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