Magical Places to get Lost

“Getting lost” isn’t always a bad thing. Wondering centuries-old streets and alleys can be just what your soul needs. My favorite thing to do when I visit a new place is wander the street in search of hidden gems and admire the city’s architecture and personality. Here are a few places that are perfect for us modern explorers:

Venice is a city made up of enchanting canals and bridges. There are over 435 bridges in this city that connect the 121 islands. While you may have heard of the Rialto Bridge, its most famous bridge, there are so many others waiting to be explored. The beautiful thing about Venice is the off-the-beaten path courtyards and sweet nooks around every corner. Roaming to the areas where the locals live is my most favorite part of exploring Venice. While here, find a local cafe end enjoy people-watching.

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most famous islands. While the rumor that it is the most expensive island may be true, there’s no doubt about why. The cobblestone pathways and white buildings make a perfect canvas for the bright pink bougainvillaea that grows everywhere. The incredible streets never seem to end in Mykonos.

The Old Town of Warsaw is an incredibly characteristic area of Warsaw made up of buildings with unique facades. It could take hours to admire all the ornate buildings in the city, and a great place to enjoy an authentic meal!

This small city in England is simply enchanting. It’s famous for the Shambles, a street with uniquely crooked buildings once serving as a row of butchers shops during England’s medieval period. There is lots to be discovered in York. A walk around the city walls provides the perfect English experience.

Couldn’t make this list without my favorite city, could I? Edinburgh is magical, mystical and holds centuries of history within its charming streets. A few days in this Scottish city exploring all the areas is the perfect way to spend time in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is famous for its alleyways- known as a “close.” There are several pretty areas of Edinburgh waiting to be explored and streets begging for you to wander down them.

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