Why work with a Travel Advisor

Contrary to popular belief, travel advisors and agents are not exactly the same. While travel agents book accommodations, flights, activities, etc., travel advisors go beyond the booking to assist with a holistic view of your dream trip.

Of course, we have access to special deals and rates offered to travel agencies, but our services are so much more than saving clients money or simply making travel arrangements. Here are the top 3 reasons you should be working with a travel advisor on your next trip:

1. Destination Experts

Travel advisors are experts in their chosen destinations or travel style. We typically have a specialty and focus on knowing everything about that chosen niche we possibly can. We are constantly learning about destinations and broadening our knowledge to offer the best experiences to our clients.

2. Logistical Support

Because we know so much about specific destinations, we can provide invaluable insight to the logistics of that part of the world. We can tell you the best ways to get around and assist with making your transportation arrangements. If traveling by train, we aid in securing your train tickets in advance and ensuring you are starting and ending your journey at the correct stops. We provide tips & tricks for having the best experiences.

3. Gateway to unique Experiences

Because we create connections with local suppliers and providers, we have an array of unique and authentic experiences to offer our clients. We focus on ensuring each trip is special and perfect for the travelers, and do so by recommending tours, hotels and activities that we have vetted to meet our standards.

While our wish is for every trip to be perfect, we understand life happens. Having a travel advisor means you will have a professional’s support for every step of the way.

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