Riding Camels in Dubai

If riding Camels in Dubai isn’t on your bucket list, it’s time we put it there!

Riding camels in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is easily one of my top 10 travel experiences (and I have a lot of ’em!).

What makes the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve so great?

Not only does it promote the stability of the land’s delicate ecosystem, but it preserves the desert’s geographical features and animals currently in danger of extinction due to development of the area. The Dubai Desert Conservation promotes the wellbeing and caretaking of the wild animals, natural flora and dunes that exist in the conservation area.

Desert Safari experiences, operated by Platinum Heritage offer an authentic glance into the lives of the nomadic Bedouin people who once walked these lands. Their desert experiences are eco-friendly, luxurious, and make for a very authentic experience (dare I say not “touristy”).

From riding vintage land rovers to eating authentic food still cooked in the traditional ways, a desert Safari with Platinum Heritage is the way to go. Their experiences offer hotel pick up and drop off, too! Making it enjoyable and easy to get to.

Note: this post is not an affiliate post, and my experience with Platinum Heritage was self-paid. I truly value authentic experiences and enjoy sharing other companies who have the same passion!

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