Why a hotel matters…

Just imagine. You’ve in a new city and have walked over 8 miles exploring all the nooks and crannies. It’s been a long day when you decide to return to your hotel.

But your hotel is 30 minutes outside the city center and requires taking a metro, taxi or some variation of the two to reach. Not ideal.

You finally make it back to your hotel with questionable clean bed linens and some paper thin walls. Now, to get some rest…nope. Your hotel room neighbors have decided this is the perfect time for a martial dispute. Also not ideal.

Now let’s say your hotel is clean, has reasonable thick walls and is within walking distance to all the incredible sights you’re on this venture for. That’s better. But what if your hotel also speaks to your personal sense of style? What if it’s fabulous and is the hotel you wish you could style your whole home after? Let’s say you have an incredibly rainfall shower, soft linens and excellent lighting. Or let’s say your hotel speaks to the style of the country you’re in- gives you more to brag about to your friends and family?

This is why hotels matter. “It’s just a place to sleep…” Sure. But what if it’s a specular place to sleep?!

Here’s the thing: nowadays, snazzy hotels don’t necessarily equate expensive. Hoteliers have learned that travelers want something special out of their adventures and they need to set themselves apart. One way to do this is with a great location, high standards and a unique touch.

As a self-proclaimed “hotel snob” my passion lies within visiting as many new and upcoming boutique hotels and micro-chains as possible to discover all the special touches this industry is bringing to the table.

So unless you specifically ask for a boring hotel, I’m going to do my best to tick all the boxes: location, cleanliness, style and something unique to add the cherry on top of your travels!

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