Island Hopping Croatia


For many people, a week aboard a luxury small-vessel cruise in Croatia would be a dream come true. Incredibly, I was able to experience a mini-cruise with Katarina Line. This unique opportunity afforded me the chance to learn more about this line of small ships, experience the yacht cruise life, and have a fabulous weekend of wine, swimming and impeccable service.

On this cruise line, you will be sailing with no more than 35 other passengers. There are a range of ships that cater to different style travelers. The Deluxe Superior ships, the type of ship I sailed on, provides travelers with modern amenities and private cabins. Several of the ships cabins offer a balcony. These are known as the VIP rooms and book out far in advance!

So, what’s it like onboard a small-ship cruise? It’s incredible! You’ll have a fabulous crew who provide you with everything you could desire.

The ships sail in the morning hours, with a swim stop in incredible locations- at the Captain’s discretion. The captain will navigate the ship into a gorgeous area perfect for a swim, where you can enjoy a few hours before lunch in the glimmering water.

After lunch, you’ll arrive in your stop for the evening. Disembarking your ship, you spend a few hours at the town. It may be a larger town, like Dubrovnik, or an incredible little village. This cruise line truly values local tourism, and encourages everyone to spend time in the town. You’ll have dinner here, on your own, and can spend all evening out as the ship won’t leave the port until early morning.

Certain itineraries and classes of ships include special stops to local wineries, authentic mussel and oyster farms (with tastings, of course) and walking tours of the unique towns.

The crew onboard this small-ship cruise line is truly amazing- so very warm, friendly and eager to make your stay enjoyable. You’ll enjoy delicious local cuisine, have tasty drinks (alcohol or mocktails- the choice is yours!), and an amazing sundeck to lounge on while the ship sails. There are an array of week-long itinerary choices to suit everyone, all with amazing stops along the Croatian coastline!

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