My Favorite Fall Destinations in Europe

Fall (or Autumn) is a magical time in Europe. Colorful foliage pops up everywhere, the air becomes crisp and the daylight hours begin to fade.

The tourist crowds begin to die down making it a fabulous time to visit if you prefer the “off-season,” less people, and lots of times- less expensive!

There are so many places perfect for visiting during the Fall months. Let’s explore a few!

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland
    Edinburgh is a fabulous place to visit year-round, but even more so in the Fall. It’s an incredible experience to see Edinburgh Castle perched high above for the first time, and seeing it framed by Autumn hues makes it even more incredible.
    Edinburgh also offers a wonderful array of day-trips if you prefer to spend more than a few days in the city. There is something for everyone in this mysterious and historical part of Scotland!
    Plus, it’s a great time to wear your Tartan scarf!
  2. London, England
    London is especially great to visit in the Fall since it can experience heat waves during the Summer (and the overall lack of A/C can make this challenging for some visitors).
    London is full of activities and excitement year-round. Just be sure to bring your wellies (rainboots)!
    Pro tip: On your Autumn trip to London, rent a car & make a day or overnight trip to the southern part of England, the High Weald Area of Natural Beauty. This area experiences incredible color-changing foliage and has several wonderful castles that must be seen!
  3. Rome, Italy
    Italy experiences a great deal of tourism during the Summer months, which makes Fall a fabulous time to visit. Plus, since Fall is cooler, it will be much more comfortable to explore the Roman ruins for hours on end.
  4. Prague, Czech Republic
    Exploring Prague’s Old Town Square is a wonderful Autumn activity. The fairy tale-like city is full of exciting architecture and offers lots of activity options if you prefer to explore when there are less people about.
  5. Athens, Greece
    While you may not want to do any island-hopping during the Fall, Athens is a great place to visit. It can be quite warm during the Summer, making the Acropolis a very challenging experience. Instead, opt for when it is cooler (that is, if you aren’t planning to spend time on this islands).
  6. Anywhere in Germany!
    The entire country of Germany is a wonderful place to visit in the Autumn. There are hundreds of incredible castles to be seen and since many require a small hike, the cooler weather months are the best time for a visit.
  7. Chamonix, France
    Chamonix, an incredible place on the France/Italy/Switzerland border, is a ski town that looks as if it were out of a fairy tale book. It’s wonderful to visit this time of year, as snow is just beginning to settle, it’s a great time for hiking, and looks truly magical!

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